What are the benefits of SAP HANA? A Customer’s View

By diane harvey | May 22, 2014 | HANA , SAP , SAP Business One

We know that SAP claims that the latest In-Memory innovation – SAP HANA – can help large companies and SMEs alike to cut costs, improve business performance and optimise revenue growth, at seemingly break-neck speeds, but what do existing customers say the benefits of SAP HANA are?

What SAP Business One customers say are the top 10 benefits of SAP HANA

  • The enterprise search is fantastic.  Users can now quickly find any relevant data or transactional information based on a ‘Google’ like search.  This makes an organisation easier to do business with. 
  • Crystal reports reading from HANA that took minutes, run in seconds. 
  • Real-time replication of business data ensures all reports have up to the second information, which enables fast, accurate decision making. 
  • Interactive analysis gives users access to relevant information in easy to use Excel tables.  This has the effect of confidence on users, so that they then generate their own reporting content instead of going to a consultant or support service. 
  • There is a direct connection with Microsoft Excel, which means users can add, remove or manipulate data in real-time, live reports. 
  • Real-time mobile engagement allows users access to information wherever they are. 
  • From a customer service point of view, SAP HANA enables overall better analytical knowledge of customers and how they do business, alongside quick response times which give competitive advantage. 
  • Ad-hoc reporting is reduced by using personalised reports that are quickly and easily created using one ‘dashboard-like’ view. 
  • Processing speeds that were previously inconceivable provide the ability to obtain immediate answers to complex questions and react to any problems with a few clicks of the mouse. 
  • Analytics give the ability to quickly and easily see what’s selling and what’s not, with clear concise data to show why, which frees up IT resources to focus on proactive strategy and product development.

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