SAP Business One Case Study: MRC – The Flava People

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In this SAP Business One Case Study, we’ll take a look at how MRC; The Flava People implemented SAP Business One and ProcessForce to gain financial control, flexibility and scalability

Founded in 1976, Manchester Rusk Company is a privately owned family business located in Manchester. The company focuses on manufacturing of tasty marinades, glazes, coaters and sauces for butchers, retailers and the wider food industry.

Business disruption, security breaches and the potential for downtime are key concerns for businesses of all sizes. The prevailing wisdom is that by using old, underpowered systems you protect your business, but the truth they don’t fully protect you from loss or risk of downtime.

When Manchester Rusk Company (MRC) started to experience growth within certain areas, they realised that their previous software and server were old and had not been updated so this left the business at risk of disruption if anything went wrong.

Implementing a new system meant that the company could get an accurate view of daily operations more easily, and it could manage their customers, inventory, payments, and orders more efficiently.

“What many people don’t realise is that the SAP Business One software is for SMEs, with pricing for SMEs. Affordability is not an issue.” Adam Salisbury, Finance Director at MRC – The Flava People

SAP Business One with ProcessForce was the perfect solution for Manchester Rusk Company. They needed to ensure that they kept their business growing and SAP could help them do this. The new system would enable Manchester Rusk Company to increase profits, save money and keep their business secure.

After a few years of growing, they have been able to really increase their productivity and streamline the way that they work. Because the new software is designed for businesses within the food manufacturing industry, it is easy to use which has given their team more time to focus on growth instead of worrying about the technology behind what they do.


See for yourself how MRC turned to Signum, SAP Business One, and ProcessForce for solutions that helped them run smoothly while achieving new heights in business. 

Access the full SAP Business One Case Study PDF for MRC by clicking here


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