Eccelso and SAP Business One – Proof in the pudding

Eccelso chooses SAP Business One to support growth

Eccelso is a manufacturer of quality vegetable suet, margarine and fats. They made the decision to move to SAP Business One to ensure they had a solution in place that would not only support planned growth but would also integrate all departments and eliminate manual tasks.

If you’re not already acquainted with Eccelso, they have been manufacturers for over 10 years and today they serve customers across the globe.

The core of the business is to ensure quality products that meet high standards. This includes ensuring our processes are running smoothly and efficiently. By choosing SAP Business One, we gained a solution that wouldn’t only support planned growth but be fully integrated into all departments automating manual tasks

Since moving to SAP Business One, Eccelso has been able to integrate all departments and eliminate manual tasks. The ultimate result of this initiative is the ability to grow profitably into the future.


Foodservice ERP for more efficiency and better service

Foodservice ERP is built to help your company increase profit and market share.

One of Leicester’s leading foodservice providers has signed contracts with Signum for the implementation of a SAP Business One system. The new system will give the business a streamlined ordering process that will save time and money while ensuring proper product specifications.

For years the company has been looking for a foodservice management system that will be fully integrated into the business. The company has now decided to go with a partner that knows the foodservice industry as well as knows how to provide systems and software that delivers results for businesses like theirs.

There have been several systems thrown at them in the past but none of them have provided the proper business requirements and cost-savings potential they were looking for..

With the Foodservice ERP System from SAP, your foodservice business will get a boost in productivity and efficiency. You can now focus on providing better services to your customers.

At Signum, we remove complexity and improve efficiency. Through a combination of deep SAP Business One expertise, keen insight, and smart technology, we deliver innovative solutions that help you meet and exceed expectations. Get in touch to discuss your foodservice requirements with one of our industry consultants 01244 676 900