Marlin Industries: Increasing Turnover by 100% with No Additional Staffing with SAP Business One®

Marlin Industries, a UK based company found themselves in need of a new business management solution. They were dissatisfied with their current accounting system and required a solution that offered the ability to control costs effectively along with the powerful reporting needed to support their decision-making process.

Marlin selected SAP Business One after testing other solutions against its requirements and decided it was the best option for its needs. Since go-live, they have seen an increase in turnover by 100% without the need to increase administration staff levels and they have also achieved greater control of purchasing and providing historical data used to obtain advantageous pricing.

Marlin Industries chose the SAP Business One application because it offers the ability to control all production planning, material control and accounting functions in one place.

Marlin Industries provides a unique and complete range of cable packaging products, management systems and services around you and your individual business requirements. Their goal is to improve your cost-effectiveness by delivering solutions to your packaging and cable winding demands.

When the opportunity came up to evaluate other software solutions, they jumped on it and soon choose SAP Business One, implemented by Signum Solutions.

Marlin Industries knows firsthand how much time and money can be saved by using technology to increase your time-to-market and create efficiencies. Marlin Industries, uses SAP Business One to deliver its internationally recognized high quality products. SAP Business One allows Marlin to focus on their foremost strength — the business — while allowing them to take advantage of the flexibility and support that comes from being a member of the Signum customer network.

100% increase in turnover with no increase in accounting staff
Greater control of purchasing and providing historical data used to obtain advantageous pricing
>98% on-time delivery

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Redfoot Shoes: Increasing Efficiencies in Every Department

“With SAP Business One, we now have up-to-date, incredibly valuable financial information about our cash position and sales figures at our fingertips.” Tim Smith, Managing Director, Redfoot Shoes

Redfoot Shoes is the own-brand footwear division of Bacup Shoe, a leading supplier of made-to-order quality footwear. The organisation’s legacy operating system was slow, required manual data entry and was difficult to get information from. With the upgrade to SAP Business One , Redfoot Shoes can now access the information it needs in real time and react accordingly.

Prior to selecting SAP, Redfoot Shoes was experiencing  problems with productivity and was facing an uphill battle.  There were conflicts between various departments which impacted on productivity, with data management and control a persistent issue.  There was no single repository for the organisation’s data.

Through their partner, Signum Solutions, SAP Business One was implemented in just two weeks at Alpha Logistics.  Immediate benefits included automated stock control, accurate stock allocation, and improved customer service through better access to customer history.

With SAP Business One, you can manage your entire business from one integrated system. That means you can easily move from financial to operational to customer relationship solutions with a single system. In addition, as your business grows, you can expand your functionality without the hassle and expense of integrating multiple systems.

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Rainforest Foods: “SAP Business One saves us time, increases accuracy and gives us more control.”

Rainforest Foods had limited functionality in their current system, and it was costing them too much time and money to maintain. The system was not meeting the current business requirements, which resulted in a substantial number of deviations to standard processes. In addition, the team was unable to capture the required information when customer orders were placed for product.

Prior to installing SAP Business One Rainforest Foods relied on a variety of bespoke and specialised solutions to handle the business-wide IT needs. These included accounting, production and CRM (customer relationship management).

The different systems caused several problems including high training costs for staff, the need to maintain and upgrade the bespoke solutions on a regular basis, multiple entry of the same data into systems and lack of reporting which captured information from different areas.  With the help of Signum Solutions, these business issues were addressed as the underlying business requirements were assessed, business processes changed where appropriate and an implementation plan for SAP Business One, which allowed for minimum disruption to the business, was deployed.

“SAP Business One saves us time, increases accuracy and gives us more control.” Harry Singh, Business Owner at Rainforest Foods.

Rainforest Foods has benefitted from faster, simpler and easier financial management processes, a single source of information for each business function, improved visibility for customers and partners, and better collaboration between the company and its counterparties.

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QED Group: Running with SAP in Just 3 Months and Still Running Faster 7 Years Later

In 1997 the QED Group turned over around £600,000 during its first year of trading.  Two years later, an additional unit was acquired before moving to a larger 14,000sqft unit three years later.  Now, in 2014, QED’s turnover is in the region of £4.5million and the business is looking to further expand into a second unit, to house its growing operations and an increasing workforce, which now comprises of 37 people.

Before implementing SAP Business One, QED Group had several different computer systems but mainly used a bespoke software package.  When this became dated and QED found that the support service was becoming progressively less effective, Matt began looking for a scalable and more efficient alternative.

“The old system was a flat-file database with poor reporting and speed of response that was grinding to a halt,” Matt explains.  “If staff wanted flexibility to change something, they often found that another user was adding a record, which completely locked the system.  Whilst this is obviously limiting in terms of productivity, it impacted on the service that we could offer and was extremely frustrating.”

 Why SAP Business One?

When researching which business-wide ERP software to implement next at QED, Matt viewed eight or nine different types of software, before making the choice to go with SAP Business One.  “It just fitted the bill,” says Matt.  “Initial costs for the whole system and set-up was better than other similar systems that were available, and the SAP solution offered the flexibility that we needed as a company.  We have now had SAP Business One for seven years and the system continues to grow with us.”

“It’s a powerful piece of kit,” states Matt. “Good service is all about keeping promises – whether it’s a promise to deliver in a week or a day.  Our internal processes, coupled with the SAP system means that once we have made our checks, we are always able to deliver on our promises.”


From a customer relationship point of view, QED finds the ability to make notes about individual customers invaluable: “Before, we had two disjointed, different systems,” Matt explains.   “Now, we always have the right information in one place and are able to note    relevant topics of conversation for individual customers.  This helps to show that we’re interested in them when we speak to them and really personalises our service.”

Having one system where everything is up to date and in one place also aids the decision making process at QED, with on-demand accurate information instantly available: “It used to take hours or even days to do reports,” describes Matt.  “Invariably, it often wasn’t worth the time so reports tended to get shelved and we relied on our gut instinct instead.  Now however, we can use our instincts but quickly and easily check that they are right.  Functions such as the sales analysis tool in SAP is incredible and these types of functions enable us to make decisions that are based on actual, true fact.”

Why Signum Solutions

Overall, flexibility, expandability and the ability to easily report in seconds were the over-riding reasons that Matt and QED chose to implement SAP Business One.  When it came to choosing a software partner, Matt was immediately impressed with Signum Solutions’ industry expertise and no-fuss attitude to helping the QED Group to get up and running quickly and smoothly.

“When speaking to Signum, the no-nonsense manner they had meant that they just listened to what we wanted and about how we worked.  They assumed nothing, but helped us through the process, making it simple and easy for us to move forwards and to not get bogged down in software jargon.”


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Evolution Foods: Supporting rapid expansion, compliance and traceability

Evolution Foods was also experiencing problems in traceability and product compliance with increasingly tight legislation in the field of food safety. They also found that most systems on the market had outdated user interfaces and were not able to handle complex client reporting. Evolution Foods needed a system that could grow with them and support rapid expansion, compliance and traceability

Evolution Foods experienced significant growth and tripled turnover in the last 2.5 years and now has over 200 products, but its previous system could not cope with this level of rapid expansion. With supermarkets looking for better full life-cycle tracking of products, the business looked for a system with capabilities to support food industry requirements as well as enabling room for further growth.

Having implemented SAP Business One and ProcessForce 3 months ago, Mike Alexander comments: “The amazing thing is, I’ve implemented a lot of computer systems before but with this one I’m really impressed by how quickly we got to the stage where everyone is completely comfortable with the system. I’m very impressed with the functionality too.  I would absolutely recommend it and would definitely choose it again!”

Why Signum Solutions

“It was the ProcessForce add on that Signum Solutions offer alongside SAP Business One that ultimately made us decide to partner with Signum.  With the need to support BRC requirements alongside more and more regulations that are being put into place, we could see that the solution would handle all of that really well.”

Mike continues: “The relationship with Signum has been really good.  I’d actually been speaking to them on and off for 2 years, so when the time came to look for something new, I knew it was worth getting back in touch.  Since implementation any issues have been dealt with quickly and it’s easy to call up and speak to the staff.  Signum offers the type of flexibility and approach to customer service that you don’t tend to find with similar bigger companies.”


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