SAP Business One Case Study: PIP Chemicals

This SAP Business One case study examines how PiP Chemicals grew its business three times in just three years by using SAP Business One.

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PiP Chemicals is the UK’s leading manufacturer of products for detailing valeting and industrial usage. While PIP Chemicals has enjoyed much success, there were several key weaknesses holding the business back.

With this in mind, a decision was made to work with a SAP partner and they selected Signum Solutions to implement a solution which would allow the company to take control of stock and its bill of materials, making it easier to replenish supplies, keep an eye on stock levels and avoid any losses.

PiP chemicals’ challenge was that the previous software relied heavily on spreadsheets and could not handle stock complexity. This meant that manufacturing side of business was being neglected.

“Fundamentally, the overall ERP solution is the critical core of our business. Which makes SAP and Signum some of our most crucial partners.” Adam Hunniford – Director of PiP Chemicals

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The objective was to implement a new software system that would provide accurate stock control and automated bill of materials generation, saving hours of unnecessary work and increasing efficiency.

SAP Business One allowed PiP chemicals to grow their business and control stock quickly and efficiently.

By using SAP Business One the limits of the business were extended by putting in place a solid, repeatable process to allow them to scale up and down as much as they wanted without having to worry about adding complexity to the system.

From growing pains to growth in revenue. Learn how PiP Chemicals grew its business in 3 years with SAP Business One by Signum.
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SAP Business One Case Study: Fosters Bakery

Discover how Signum Solutions helped Fosters Bakery take SAP Business One to the next level by simplifying and aligning processes, integrating of departments and enhanced reporting – watch the case study video! 


Business’s are looking to reach new heights in terms of growth, but many find themselves stuck in the midst of operational complexities and challenges. Fosters Bakery is one such business; it had reached a stage where it was only limited by its own ability and imagination to grow its footprint and operations. However like other small and medium enterprises (SMEs), it hadn’t been able to break free from the shackles of its operational matters, which prevented it from specializing in core competencies and limiting potential growth opportunities.

Fosters Bakery is a high quality bakery manufacturer supplying high quality vegan and vegetarian bread and confectionery for food service. They needed to run their business with more efficiency, be able to compete with bigger food companies, and increase customer satisfaction.

With SAP Business One already implemented, Fosters had begun to feel they were not getting the most from the solution. Going into partnership with SAP business solutions partner Signum Solutions, Fosters aimed to find a way to drive business efficiency and increase profitability.

“Since Signum have come in they have really helped us come along – in a big way”

Watch the SAP Business One case study below. In this video, you will see how SAP Business One and Signum solutions help Fosters Bakery achieve efficiencies that allowed them to focus on growth.


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SAP Business One Case Study: Heaton Green Dust Control

Discover how Heaton Green Dust Control dramatically improved its financial management and gained new levels of control with SAP Business One - watch the case study video!


The SAP Business One Case Study explores how Heaton Green has been able to improve its inventory management and purchasing processes. It also highlights the benefits of using SAP Business One, such as the ability to manage a varied product portfolio and quickly evaluate new opportunities.

Heaton Green Dust Control is an SME manufacturer with 35 employees and based in Batley, West Yorkshire. Signum Solutions helped Heaton Green gain efficiency and visibility of their processes and financial data by implementing SAP Business One software. As part of this process, we worked with Heaton Green Dust Control to gain an understanding of their business and to recommend a solution which gave them the solution they needed.

After a successful implementation of SAP Business One, Heaton Green has transformed its order to cash process. This enabled the business to meet the requirements of its customers and achieve greater accuracy in managing purchasing and stock through increased stock turns, better asset control and full visibility over its inventory.

Watch the SAP Business One Case Study Video and see how this SME manufacturer  dramatically improved its financial management and gained new levels of control.

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Whether you’re looking to build an enterprise-wide business system, run your day-to-day operations, or manage global supply chains, SAP Business One provides the power and flexibility to meet your needs

SAP Business One is the perfect fit for Heaton Green, offering speed, simplicity and flexibility. The business has grown exponentially with the new solution. It’s easy to use, letting them spend their time on growth rather than administration.

If you are looking to evaluate your current ERP solution or want to take a closer  look at SAP Business One, get in touch with one of our team today!

SAP Business One Case Study: Apico International

This SAP Business One case study shows how Apico International increased their turnover by 20% since implementing SAP Business One

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Apico International is the UK’s leading parts and clothing distributor for motocross, trials, supermoto, trail riding, enduro and quad racing, and has sole distributor status for many of the world’s leading off-road brands.

The history of Apico is closely intertwined with that of motocross itself, having been founded in 1984 by triple World Trials Champion Yrjo Vesterinen.

Five years ago, Apico International was using a different business system. Although well known in the motor racing industry, it was difficult to develop and didn’t allow for integration. They reached a point where they had enough of not being able to link different processes together and decided to look for an alternative.

The decision to buy a new software system for managing their wholesale distribution business was not an easy one to make, but they felt that it was time to change with the changing economic environment.
After investigating several systems, they opted for SAP Business One and since then have seen an increase in growth.

“Since implementing SAP Business One, our turnover has increased by around 20%”

Anna-Lena Erikkson, Director, Apico International
Apico international sap business one case study image

The efficiency and level of support available was a major factor in their decision. They also found that it was easy to create new reports and analyse business data, which has helped them to improve the way they manage the company and improve control over their processes.

By implementing SAP Business One, Apico is able to manage all of their products and services more efficiently, with greater transparency and control of costs

Learn how Apico International grew its turnover 20% by implementing with SAP Business One with Signum Solutions.
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SDC Enterprises

“Signum impressed us. They didn’t just talk about the technology for its own sake.

Instead they focused on how SAP Business One would deliver the benefits we needed, which was what we really wanted to know. The payback on the SAP Business One software has been just twelve months”

Mark Yare, Managing Director

Download SDC Enterprises Case Study

SAP Business One Case Study: QED Group

This SAP Business One case study shows how QED Group went live with SAP Business One in 3 months and are still running faster 17 years later, reducing staff errors and increasing productivity.

Signum Solutions & QED logo

This SAP Business One case study focusses on QED Group, who are a growing supplier and distributor of a large range of security equipment and consumables, to the security market both in the UK and across Europe.

They supply an extensive range of high quality domestic, commercial and industrial security products to trade customers, electrical wholesalers, hardware stores, general merchants, builders merchants and auto-electrical retailers.

QED provide an excellent level of after-sales service with access to all spare parts along with technical support for installation problems.

Before implementing SAP Business One, QED had several different computer systems but mainly used a bespoke software package.

When this became dated and QED found that the support service was becoming progressively less effective, particularly when it came to integrating with the supply chain, the management team made the decision to develop a structured plan for migrating away from their current solution.

When researching which business-wide ERP software to implement next at QED, they viewed eight or nine different types of software. They evaluated functionality, ease of use, and how each system was designed to meet QED’s specific business needs.

Then QED chose SAP Business One.

“The SAP Business One system means that once we have made our checks, we are always able to deliver on our promises.”
Matt Philp, Managing Director at QED Group

QED found that SAP Business One significantly reduces the chance of human error. Because of the way the software streamlines and enforces steps that must be made, it is impossible for customers to be mis-quoted.

With SAP Business One, QED were able to eliminate mistakes and streamline their processes and ensure that each and every customer order was completed accurately and without fail.

Learn how QED group leverages SAP Business One to stay competitive within their market. See how much time and money they saved when migrating from their legacy system.

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SAP Business One Case Study: JDM Food Group

In this SAP Business One Case Study, we learn how JDM Food Group successfully implemented SAP Business One and ProcessForce. The impact was immediate with real savings in costs, better customer insight and excellent product profitability analysis.

Signum Solutions & JDM Food Group sap business one case study image

A successful online food importer is how JDM Food Group describes itself. The business was established in 2000 with importing garlic, but now works with over 250 food manufacturers, supplying them with garlic, ginger, sweet potatoes and butternut squash. It’s the leading supplier to Britain’s biggest supermarket for garlic, ginger and sweet potatoes.

JDM supplies products to an extremely diverse customer base, varying from small independent retailers to national, multi-national supermarket chains to food manufacturers and foodservice companies. JDM has been able to address all of these customers by adapting its facilities and systems appropriately in order to meet their business needs.

Businesses need to be as efficient as possible in order to succeed and expand. JDM Food Group is one such business which was looking to grow. They needed a system that would help them manage their day-to-day operations as well as enable them to grow their business later. SAP Business One was the ideal solution.

SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution that JDM Food Group decided to use in order to help them to become the leading food importing company serving food which provided authentic ethnic tastes and preferred by customers. The software was designed with the idea of enabling businesses around the globe to increase their efficiency and improve their performance in a highly competitive market.

“Without a doubt, SAP Business One coupled with the ProcessForce application for food businesses, delivered by Signum Solutions, has had a major impact on business efficiency and I’m certain that it will continue to do so as the business grows” – Darren Bevan, Commercial Director – Manufacturing and Export Sales JDM Food Group

JDM food group fresh produce

SAP Business One has helped JDM Food Group improve their processes, reduce the need for IT support, and significantly improve their customer service. They were ready to upgrade their systems after years of using systems that made it expensive and time-consuming to develop reports or integrate new processes.

 Download this SAP Business One Case Study and find out what SAP Business One and ProcessForce does for JDM Food Group. 

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SAP Business One Case Study: Evolution Foods

This SAP Business One case study focusses on Evolution foods, a prominent and highly successful British food retailer, who has been using SAP Business One to support its dynamic growth. SAP Business One helps the Company with compliance and traceability, as well as supporting growth

SAP Business One Case study Evolution foods image

SAP Business One provides a powerful accounting solution for the more than 40,000 SAP customers around the world who use it daily. But even accounting solutions need an upgrade from time to time. Signum Solutions offered several add-on products, including one from CompuTec, to help Evolution Foods keep pace with a heightened regulatory environment.

Evolution Foods, a UK-based food manufacturer, tripled turnover within 2.5 years while growing into one of the UK’s fastest growing food producers.

The company approached Signum Solutions to help them better manage their operations, which led to an increased workforce and even more ambitious targets. However, Evolution found that its existing systems were unable to support this continued growth and decided it was time for a change.

“We have no intention of staying where we are and can see that SAP Business One will help us to expand even further”

Mike Alexander, Financial Controller at Evolution Foods

SAP Business One Case study Evolution foods product image

The brief was clear: evolution foods needed a business management system that would enable them to cope with their rapid growth. They had lots of products and orders, some of which were only small, so the complexity and security of the system were paramount.

The business needed a system that would provide compliance with industry-specific food safety legislation, but it also wanted a solution that could adapt to its growing business.

When Evolution Foods came to us looking for assistance in moving their business systems to SAP Business One, our first thoughts were how ProcessForce would fit into their set up. We soon discovered that SAP Business One with ProcessForce could offer just what they wanted, but more importantly needed.

They needed a system that could track its production standards, products, and processes to ensure each customer was catered for.

SAP Business One along with ProcessForce from CompuTec provided the enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities Evolution Foods needed to track its rapid growth to customers, but it also provided the flexibility to support future growth.

Evolution Foods: Supporting rapid expansion, compliance and traceability
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SAP Business One Case Study: MRC – The Flava People

In this SAP Business One Case Study, we’ll take a look at how MRC; The Flava People implemented SAP Business One and ProcessForce to gain financial control, flexibility and scalability

SAP Business One case study, Signum Solutions & MRC

Founded in 1976, Manchester Rusk Company is a privately owned family business located in Manchester. The company focuses on manufacturing of tasty marinades, glazes, coaters and sauces for butchers, retailers and the wider food industry.

Business disruption, security breaches and the potential for downtime are key concerns for businesses of all sizes. The prevailing wisdom is that by using old, underpowered systems you protect your business, but the truth they don’t fully protect you from loss or risk of downtime.

When Manchester Rusk Company (MRC) started to experience growth within certain areas, they realised that their previous software and server were old and had not been updated so this left the business at risk of disruption if anything went wrong.

Implementing a new system meant that the company could get an accurate view of daily operations more easily, and it could manage their customers, inventory, payments, and orders more efficiently.

“What many people don’t realise is that the SAP Business One software is for SMEs, with pricing for SMEs. Affordability is not an issue.” Adam Salisbury, Finance Director at MRC – The Flava People

MRC products

SAP Business One with ProcessForce was the perfect solution for Manchester Rusk Company. They needed to ensure that they kept their business growing and SAP could help them do this. The new system would enable Manchester Rusk Company to increase profits, save money and keep their business secure.

After a few years of growing, they have been able to really increase their productivity and streamline the way that they work. Because the new software is designed for businesses within the food manufacturing industry, it is easy to use which has given their team more time to focus on growth instead of worrying about the technology behind what they do.

See for yourself how MRC turned to Signum, SAP Business One, and ProcessForce for solutions that helped them run smoothly while achieving new heights in business. Access the full SAP Business One Case Study PDF for MRC by clicking the button below

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SAP Business One Case Study Calverdale Technology

This SAP Business One case study discusses how Caldervale used SAP’s Business One software to create a link between it and its customers, facilitating a more efficient business model

Square Caldertech Logo

Every business is different and implementing an ERP system to automate key business processes can be a very daunting task. Caldervale Technology had implemented the SAP Business One solution to allow their clients easy access to information on stock levels and provide clients with live interaction of any order placed with the manufacturer.

Caldervale Technology is a UK-based firm that specialises in designing, manufacturing and supplying electro-fusion control units and tools for joining together plastic-based water and gas distribution systems. Established since 1992, the company has grown steadily over the years across multiple locations, with its head office in Dewsbury. Caldervale serves an established customer base based in the UK, Europe, Africa and India.

Caldervale had a vision of how they wanted the company to operate. they wanted to make doing business with them as simple as possible for their customers. they wanted them to have a window into Caldervale, to be able to place an order, monitor progress, call off stock and have a paperless order chain.

Caldervale Technology considered their options. They looked at the other systems available but nothing really matched their needs.

When SAP announced SAP Business One, it seemed to be the answer Caldervale was looking for.

Through implementation of the system, the time taken to process accounts receivable has decreased dramatically. This is due to the fact that invoices are uploaded to the system in real time, so there are no longer any delays. The business can now access an up-to-date database – with live data – of all the invoices that have not yet been paid.

Gordon is a strong advocate of SAP. He believes that SAP will create competitive advantage in the market, and he acts on this belief by proudly displaying the SAP logo at major industry exhibitions.

“In our industry having SAP speaks for itself”, Gordon concludes. “When I tell customers we have SAP, they are genuinely surprised. It’s a feather in our cap and an important differentiator. The system has also won people over internally. Before our accountant would have said we should use Sage. Now his advice would be SAP Business One.” Gordon Lilley, Managing Director

Caldervale case study image 1

Caldervales experience with SAP Business One software helps its customers monitor their inventory more efficiently, giving them better visibility.

Access the full SAP Business One Case Study PDF for Caldervale Technology by clicking the button below

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